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Hosting & Maintenance Plans

Your website is most likely one, if not your most, important marketing asset for your company.  Making sure that your website is securely hosted and running is of utmost importance. If you don’t have the skills or comfortability to manage your website, we are happy to help.  

Here are a few examples of what needs to be managed on your website:

  1. Uptime:  Make sure your website is up and running
  2. Backup:  Perform daily offsite backups of your website
  3. Website Security Monitoring:  Notifications if something suspicious occurs
  4. Website Updates:  Website themes and plugins are constantly updated to make sure hackers can’t access the software.  Updates need to be run as soon as possible to make sure your website is running properly. Before any updates are made, we make sure a backup of the website is done to ensure updates don’t have unintended negative consequences to your website.  
  5. Malware Scans:  We scan for any infected files or malware and remediate any issues found.
  6. Visual Inspection:  We visually inspect your website on multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox & Chrome looking for problems with layout or formatting.  We will also view your website from a mobile device to make sure it is easy to navigate and looks good from a mobile responsive standpoint.
  7. Delete Unused plugins, themes & files.  Website clutter can hide vulnerabilities and slow down your site.  We perform a backup before anything is deleted.
  8. Fix Dead Links:  You definitely don’t want visitors receiving a “Page Not Found” error on your website.  We will find any dead links and remove them or redirect to an appropriate page.
  9. Verify Your Contact Form:  How do you know if you are missing any leads?  You don’t unless you test your contact form. We will test your contact form to make sure it is working properly.
  10. Minimize Admin Users:  Delete or downgrade any unnecessary admin users.  Hacked admin user accounts can do the most damage to your website, so the fewer the better.  
  11. Optimize your database:  Delete any draft posts and empty your comment spam.
  12. Speed Audit:  How fast does your site load?  If it takes more than 5 seconds, we will suggest implementing caching and/or other measures to speed up your site.  Slow sites lose visitors and can negatively impact your search rankings.