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Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook can be very profitable for the right product or service.  Many of our clients who utilize Adwords have also found that advertising on Facebook is beneficial.  In some cases, the cost per lead on Facebook is less than the average cost per lead in Adwords.  One thing to keep in mind when thinking about advertising on Facebook is that Facebook is a type of “Display” advertising and Facebook users can’t “search” for your product or service.  Because Facebook has very specific audience targeting options, we can place your ad in front of people who are likely to be interested your products or services.   Facebook has over 1 billion active monthly users and access to each user’s likes, dislikes, posts, comments and more.  For the right product or service, Facebook can be a great option to drive quality leads and brand awareness for your business.

  • Facebook has 4 ad formats with which to showcase your services and/or products including the ability to customize your text, images, slideshows, and videos.  Utilizing our Facebook Ad management tools, we can split test multiple ad formats to see which ad format(s) drive the most leads for your particular business.

    Facebook Ad Formats

  • Looking for just the right audience?  Facebook most likely has you covered.  One of the most unique opportunities when advertising on Facebook is the ability to mix and match multiple audience options.  Whether you are a service-based business looking for local customers or you are an online retailer looking for people interested in your products, Facebook’s targeting options allow you to reach people based on their location, interests, demographics, and behaviors.

  • What if you could show ads to people on Facebook who have already shown interest in your business?  Well, you can!  With Facebook’s remarketing options you can show ads on Facebook to people who have already visited your website.  This is a great advertising platform to use especially if you sell recuring products or services or if your average sales cycle is longer than 2 weeks.  To remarket to these audiences, we create custom lists in your Google Analytics account and show product/service specific ads to those audiences on Facebook.  We can also setup dynamic remarketing where the specific product your visitor was looking at on your website can be displayed in your Facebook ad.  Below is an example of Custom Audiences in the Facebook platform.  Give us a call to discuss how remarketing on Facebook could drive leads and sales for your business!

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