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Social Media Marketing Services


Are you posting regularly, are you trending, are you being followed, are you using all the best platforms for your business? Hopefully you know what we’re talking about, not to fret if you don’t, we’re gonna break it down for you simply and effectively.

Social media marketing isn’t growing, it’s booming. Understanding what it can do for you isn’t just smart, it’s dire if you want to make it in our super-connected, super-competitive world. Don’t have time to deal with FaceBooking? Not a problem. We do.

What we do for you

With over two billion social media users, you need to be where they are. It’s just a crafty move on your part. From FaceBook to Twitter to Instagram (to name a few), we can help get your business in front of some faces.

First, with your guidance, we’ll figure out who your audience is, which may differ from who you want it to be. Using the law of attraction, plus a boatload of social media knowledge, we’ll get you in contact with the people who are in most need of you.

Then we make ‘em stay with you. Our team is excellent at making your customer want to engage, interact, and connect with you, and this is the foundation of a lasting relationship, a.k.a. a loyal customer.

Finally, we provide you with the insight to expand successfully. Knowing where to be and when to be there will allow for a larger audience which allows for a larger conversion rate which allows for a larger sales team, larger office, larger marketing budget… you get the idea.

How we do it

The consult: we talk with you, get to know you, your business, your customer, and your goals. Then we lay out the plan (if you have an in-house marketing team already, we can guide them in the right direction, too)

Branding: we use your brand across all platforms- keeping it concise and inline with your vision

Tone and voice: much like branding, we stay true to who you are while helping to create a tone and voice that speaks to the unique audience you want

Monitoring, reporting, and analyzing: here it gets a little techy, but we got you- who’s looking at you, where are they finding you, what are they saying about you? We’ll let you know and make it work in your favor

Social PPC: a pay-per-click campaign that works within your social media platforms will put you in front of the exact people you want using targeting techniques that aren’t offered in a standard PPC campaign

Staying on top of it: social media is a full-time job, as quick screen-time is the nature of the beast- you need to be seen often and get noticed, we’ll do that for you

Let’s get you to the top, together. Contact our band of social media junkies and we’ll make a plan, together.