6 Free Digital Tools You’ll Want to Use

Building and managing your SEO campaign can take a lot of work and even more time. And while there’s no way to add more hours to your week, we can offer you some pretty great SEO tools to help alleviate some of that time crunch as it helps support your SEO goals. 

Today we’re going to tell you about 6 SEO and digital marketing tools that you’ll want to use.

Google Analytics 

This free tool will tell you all about your audience and that’s some pretty valuable insight. 

Google Analytics will track your website data and give you a slew of intel: conversion rate, user behavior, target audience, website traffic, and it will even work in real-time. 

Arming yourself with the data this tool provides will allow you to make smart decisions regarding the direction of your digital marketing strategy.

Google PageSpeed Insights

If you didn’t know that site speed mattered to your SEO campaign, now you do. Research has proven that users will leave a webpage if it doesn’t fully populate within three seconds. This is bad for your brand, for your SEO, and for your user. Google PageSpeed Insights will help you determine if slow site speed is wreaking havoc on your ranking and your conversions. 

Also, it’s free. 

Google Search Console

A great free tool for understanding how your website is performing overall. The dashboard is super easy to read and comprehend detailing the stability and health of your site. Find out important data such as links to your site, targeting, mobile-friendliness, internal links, and so much more. 

Searching for the data you want is easily controlled and Googe Search Console is as reliable as it gets. Be prepared to get addicted to checking this data daily or more!


This free tool brings out the inner voyeur in all of us. It allows you to spy on your competitors and gain some insight into how they’re running their digital marketing strategies and how those strategies are paying off. 

You will have access to things like:

  • Ranking history
  • Inbound links
  • Keywords (shared and top)

With SpyFu, feel free to compare whose keywords and links are performing better and then feel free to snag any up that could benefit you, too.

Social Mention

Wondering what’s trending on social media? Want to know if any of your users are reposting your stuff or mentioning your brand? Well, now you can. Social Mention is another free tool that gives you an edge when it comes to your social media strategy. 

You will have access to the top hashtags and keywords, as well when and where your audience is talking about you. This is a great way to engage immediately with your people. You can also use this tool to get more details on your competition and learn how you can out-perform them on these channels. 

Google Keyword Planner

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords. These are the big guns when it comes to a successful search engine optimization campaign. If you’re not using the right keywords no one will find you, Google won’t like it, and your brand and business will pay the consequences. 

Google Keyword Planner will help – for free. And since this is another Google tool, you know it’s gonna work for you. It’s super easy to use and gives great ideas. If you’re just building your website, this is the perfect place to start to ensure the right words are going into the right places.

The Takeaway 

SEO is a really powerful and necessary strategy for your online success. It can be a difficult task to wrap your head around and even more difficult to keep up the proper management. Don’t do it on your own. Use some handy tools that are designed to promote your success. 

If you don’t have the time or patience, let The Great Online help you out. We’re SEO experts and we want to see you reach your SEO goals.