Getting Quality Website Traffic

There’s a lot that goes into your digital marketing campaign, we know this.  Yes, it can be daunting and overwhelming.  You gotta be thinking about SEO, Ads, social media, email, offline SEO (yeah, that’s a thing), all of it.

And what exactly do all of these things have in common?  They all lead to your website traffic. So, when you do ‘em correctly, you’re targeting the people you want to be targeting.  That makes for satisfied customers and excellent ROI.  

Today we’ll tell you the best way to get quality website traffic.  

Meet your audience where they are

Being productive means being proactive.  So don’t wait for your ideal prospects to find you, go find them.  With so many ways to optimize for your target audience on every digital marketing channel out there, you gotta be taking advantage of this.

Determine your audience, first and foremost.  There’s a handful of tools that can help you do this, a go-to is Google Analytics.  It works and it’s free.  

Ask yourself:

  • How old is my target?
  • Where does my target live?
  • What does my target do?
  • How much does my target make?
  • What gender is my target?
  • Is my target married, single, with a family?

All of these questions are great for finding out who exactly you want to be selling to, which will help you find out where exactly they are online.

Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, LinkedIn, YouTube?  Where are they getting their news?  Their music? Their games? What would you do in order to find your service or product?

The reason you want to know this is because of time, energy, and money.  Not every person out there is going to be a smart lead. If you’re a business that caters to working moms, you don’t want frat boys bouncing off your website and diminishing your SEO efforts.  So, don’t put yourself in front of them.  

Find out where your true prospects are and meet them there with the goal of getting the quality leads to your website.  Everyone benefits from this strategy.  

Offer your prospects what they want 

This sounds easy, but sometimes we get so caught up with giving, we give the wrong stuff to the wrong people.  Don’t fall into this trap.

If your audience loves mobster history, give them unique and informative mobster history details.  Maybe through a podcast or a blog or mobster events in the area. But don’t give them generic history details that will have war history buffs headed to your website and leaving immediately because it’s not what they’re looking for.  

Be specific with your offers, your content, your keywords, so you get those prospects that are really going to contribute to your SEO campaign through purchasing, liking, following, sharing, etc.  Create a brand that garners the loyalty you want from the users you want.  

The takeaway 

In order to get the business, you first have to know the audience. The goal is to get that audience to your website. It’s here where they learn about you, your brand, your voice, your offers, all the things that will make them your loyal customer.  

Not sure you have the time to put into finding and relating to your best prospects. That’s okay- we do. Let us get you in front of the faces that matter and the hands that click.  Give us a call for some serious SEO talks.