Google Business Profile
and Local SEO

What are Google Business Profiles?

Take the lead on how your business appears in Google search for your area.

Google Business Profile and local SEO are necessities for almost all businesses nowadays. Imagine how much your world can open when Google has a direct interface with your business. Check out below what it is and how to get started! Google Business Profile is the best interface for your business with Google. It’s where Google receives all the important information from your business like phone number, hours of operation, address, and more, so it can potentially get listed on the map pack. Think of it as a listing for your business on Google!

What Can a Google Business Profile Do for Your Business?

Think about it… When a user searches for a product or service near them, Google is going to show a few different options that will satisfy their search query. You have likely seen this in the form of Google Map’s search results:

screenshot of pizza restaurants local map pack

But how do those businesses show up there? The best way is to have an optimized Google Business Profile. When you set up a GBP, that’s likely the first impression local users have with your business! Having an eye-catching profile will get your business to appear in multiple important searches and attract local customers.

Improved Local SEO

When your business has a properly set up Google Business Profile, your business can appear in Google’s local search results as well as Google Maps listings. When users in your area search for products or services your business offers, your Google Business Profile will be more visibile and attract potential customers. This not only helps your business gain more attention, it also improves your local SEO.

When a user searches for a product or service, Google’s main priority is to satisfy the user’s intent and provide them with businesses around their area that can help. When a user begins their search , they’re likely to find the local map pack, where GBP are prominently displayed. When your profile is displayed in the pack, your business is front and center on the search engine results page (SERP) and provides more opportunities for users to visit your website. screenshot of sod farms local map pack

Google utilizes information from your Google Business Profile to validate your business’s existence and where you should be placed in search results. Search engines take note of the business name, address, products, services, and keywords to determine the most appropriate local searches to show your profile. When your GBP is optimized for highly-valued keywords, your SEO improves while appearing for the most relevant search queries. 

Boost Local Visibility

As you’ve probably seen before, Google Business Profiles are a great way for customers to share their experience with a business through reviews. Positive reviews from local customers can boost your business’s reputation and authority within your area, making your business the best choice around town. Having good reviews and responding to them can attract more customers and shows that you are committed to engaging with your customers.

You’re able to upload photos and posts to your Google Business Profile about your business’s updates, products, and services. You’re also able to further customize your profile by adding important attributes and descriptions like your business category, hours of operation, whether you’re wheelchair accessible, if you have outdoor seating, and more! This gives potential customers a better idea about what you offer and help them stay engaged with your profile, leading them down the path to converting.

Increase Conversions

Potential customers can call your business with their “Call” button and even get directions to your business with the “Directions” button. This makes it way easier for users to reach you and find your physical location, leading to more phone calls and in-person visits. When you increase and optimize opportunities for customers to get in contact with you, you increase your chances for conversion.

Curious about how to track calls coming into your business and how to best improve user engagement? Learn more about our call tracking services and how they can help your business. 

If your business offers services that can be booked, there is a feature where clients can book your services through your Google Business Profile. Clients can also message you through your profile to start interacting with you, learn more about your business, and get nudged towards converting. 

Choose The Great Online to Manage Your GBP

If you’ve never interacted with Google Business Profile, it can be a little confusing! Don’t worry because we can get you started and set up for success! If you already have a GBP and are not sure of next steps, we’ll meet you where you are and go from there. At The Great Online, we pay close attention to how local users could benefit from information on your Google Business Profile. When you work with The Great Online, you’ll see how we…


  • Help you get your profile set up with important information.
  • Ensure that information remains correct and consistent.
  • Link your website and location pages to your profile for optimal results.
  • Add media to make your business stand out.
  • Assist you in learning about your profile dashboard and features.
  • Monitor user engagement for long term results. 

Our GBP Clients

Here at The Great Online, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your Google Business Profile continuously optimized. Check out some of the Google Business Profiles we manage!  

Improve Local SEO with Google Business Profile

Having a well-maintained Google Business Profile is a crucial element for improving local SEO, gaining visibility within your area, and driving conversions for your business. The Great Online is here to help you maintain your GBP with ongoing updates and optimization so you can focus on what matters most – your business. We’ll take care of updating information and engaging with customer reviews, ensuring your business dominates local search and has the strongest online presence. Choose success for your business and get in contact with The Great Online today to optimize your Google Business Profile.

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