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Social Media Advertising Management​

Today's digital marketing landscape requires a social media presence; it's one of the most powerful advertising and brand building tools. Social Media Marketing is a great way to promote products and services, connect with your audience, build brand awareness,and build a social network in a cost effective way, getting you the most out of your ad spend. The Great Online's team of Social Media Marketing strategists is here to help you harness the power social platforms provide for your business goals.

We believe in a strategic and data-driven approach to social media marketing, and our team collaborates closely with you so we can understand your brand, business goals, marketing objectives, target audience, and more. Our social media management process helps you determine who your audience is and makes them want to engage and connect with you while building a loyal customer base ready to advocate for you. We'll elevate your social media presence through creative tailored strategies and compelling content so you stand out in the busy digital marketing world.

We get to know your business, your customer, and your goals so we can develop a comprehensive social media strategy. We’re ready to collaborate with you so that your campaigns and their messages align with your band identy. We’ll work with you and guide you so you know exactly what to expect when you receive our social media services.

We use your brand across all platforms – keeping it concise and inline with your vision to allow customers to have a seamless journey. Through tone and voice, much like branding, we stay true to who you are so your ads can speak to the unique audience you want. With strategic content creation, we craft engaging and visually appealing content that will resonate with your audience, drawing them in to becoming a lifelong customer.

With our digestable and insightful reporting, we show you who’s looking at your business, where they are finding you, and what they are saying about you. Our expert social media managers measue performance and gain valuable information to make informed decisions on how to optimize your ad campaigns.

PPC campaign that works within your social media platforms will put you in front of the exact people you want using targeting techniques that aren’t offered in a standard PPC campaign. You’ll be able to take your digital marketing to new heights by drivin traffic and conversions through strategic social media campaigns.

Social media is a full-time job, so we’ll take on the brunt of the work so you can focus on other important tasks to keep your business growing! With our account management system, we’ll handle all the technical tasks while keping you involved and informed, so you can ensure your advertising is heading in the most successful direction for your business. 

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By choosing The Great Online, you’re choosing to receive the highest quality in social media management and allowing your business to take the next step in digital marketing success. Our team of social media marketing experts brings years of experience and knowledge, while also having the ability to create captivating content that leaves an impression on your audience. We pride ourselves on having personalized and tailored strategies that are backed by data analysis to ensure optimal results for your unique brand and industry. Let’s get you to the top, together. Fill out the form below to get started with our social media advertising specialists and help you begin your journey to social media success.

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