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Increase the revenue your business deserves by maximizing ROI and channeling your customers’ interests through custom, specially tailored landing pages that bring you a higher conversion rate.

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With optimized landing pages, you'll be able to influence curious users and transform them into customers.

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Avoid wasted PPC campaign efforts and increase the amount of consumers that convert to your product or service.

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Keep your business growing and achieve success when your interested customers land on an optimized landing page.

Effective Landing Pages Help PPC Campaigns

If you are investing in PPC campaigns but not seeing the results you want, your landing pages could be the missing element and costing you your conversions. Having engaging and captivating landing pages is a crucial element for successful digital marketing, and The Great Online is here to help. We understand that each industry is unique and requires specific components to entice users into becoming loyal customers. We specialize in creating and optimizing high-converting landing pages for your PPC campaigns that will drive visitors to take action and boost campaign success.

Why Do Landing Pages Matter in PPC Campaigns?

A PPC landing page that is well-designed and speaks to your unique target audience can significantly impact the performance of your paid advertising campaigns. Landing pages, unlike other pages on your website, are specifically tailored to align with your PPC ad goals, ensuring a seamless and relevant user experience. 

When you incorporate a dedicated landing page that is designed to match the intent of your PPC ad campaigns, it leads to higher conversion rates! Whether your goal is a purchase, inquiry, registration, or sign-up, The Great Online’s landing page design, setup, and ongoing optimization drives the desired action from your website users.

You can improve your Quality Score by utilizing a relevant and engaging landing page because search engines and ad platforms look for and reward those who provide users with a quality, seamless experience. A higher Quality Score gives you a leading edge, can reduce ad costs, and improve ad rankings! With clever and effective landing pages, you’ll maximize the efficiency of your ad budget. 

When your PPC landing pages are relevant to a user’s search intent and provides them with the information they are searching for, you create an overall positive experience. Our carefully curated landing pages create that quality user experience leading to lower bounce rates, improves conversion rate, and increases the liklihood of repeat customers. 

PPC Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Learn about The Great Online's process for creating and optimizing high-converting landing pages.

To guarantee success, we get to know your campaign objectives and target audience. We tailor your campaign’s landing pages to whatever goal you’re going for, whether it be generating leads, driving sales, or promoting a special offer. We tailor our landing page strategy so you achieve your unique PPC advertising goals.

You’ll receive a visually appealing and persuasive landing page through our team’s extensive experience with design and copywriting. The messaging and design of the landing pages will blend together cohesively with your PPC ads which will in turn enhance engagement and trust from your users.

If you want a highler likelihood of guiding users towards the desired action, a strong and clear CTA is crucial. Throughout our landing page setup and design process, we strategically place comelling CTAs that prompt users to continue taking the appropriate steps towards a conversion like filling out a form or making a purchase. 

Mobile optimization is without a doubt a key factor for PPC landing pages given the large use of mobile devices in the digital landscape. Our responsive landing page designs provide  quality experience no matter which platform they are using, especially on mobile. You’ll be able to maximize conversions across all platforms with our landing page creation and optimization services. 

At The Great Online, we promote data-driven decision making so that success can be guaranteed, not hoped for. Through A/B testing, we compare the results of different elements of your landing pages to identify what resonates with your target audience. We continuously monitor and optimize so that your ad campaign performance regularly improves.

We’ll review, analyze, and optimize your lead generation forms on your landing page to find the perfect balance of collecting relevant information from users and reducing inconvenience for them as well. Utilizing a strategic form is the difference between collecting more conversions and seeing business slip away.

In order to make data-driven decisions, we set up detailed tracking to monitor and measure the success of your landing pages including user behavior, drop-off points, bounce rate, and more. Continuous data analysis allows our team of PPC experts to identify particular strengths as well as areas needing improvement. Your landing pages will receive the ongoing attention and refinement necessary for better performance.

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Discover the full potential of your PPC campaigns with The Great Online’s PPC Landing Page Creation and Optimization Services. Our expert team will take on the brunt work of strategizing, creating, and optimizing high-converting landing pages that will skyrocket your conversion. Contact us today to take your business to new heights and we’ll start with a personalized consultation. Turn your PPC investment into an astounding success.

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