Benefits of Landing Pages

How Landing Pages Help Local SEO

Optimized landing pages can be a game changer for local SEO success.

Landing pages are a crucial element in local SEO by providing a targeted entry point for your website visitors. When a landing page is locally optimized, it attracts customers around the area using location-specific tactics by highlighting products, specials, and/or services for that specific location, or having a landing page for each location a business may have. Optimizing landing pages will depend on your business and your needs. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to help every step of the way! Our team of professional graphic and web designers will help you with unique and creative logo and website designs that will match your business. 

What are Landing Pages?

Have you ever been scrolling on social media, see an ad for something you like, and decide to click on that ad? The page the ad takes you too is a landing page. Landing pages are typically the first page a customer comes in contact with, especially during paid ad campaigns. This page focuses on specific services, locations, or ad campaigns, and is designed to guide interested users through the funnel so conversions happen!

What Can Landing Pages Do for Your Business?

When optimized landing pages are set up correctly with certain goals in mind, they can be tailored to specific geographic locations. Your landing page’s content can target local keywords, like cities, neighborhood names, news, events, and customer testimonials, so you reach the right people. You’ll connect with potential clients around your area and help search engines understand the local relevance of your business!

When setting up your landing pages, incorporating accurate NAP information is a key element in improving your local SEO and online authority. Ensuring the information is consistent with your Google Business Profile as well as other online directories is a must for your landing pages.

When your landing pages are optimized for mobile use, you’re ensuring a seamless user experience aznd can increase your chances for conversions. Make your landing pages mobile-friendly also increases the chance that Google will rank your website higher in search results!

Link building with other helpful local businesses is a fantastic way to build your social reputation. You can attract local backlinks and improve local SEO through well setup, highly optimized landing pages. When your landing pages contain valuable, locally-focused content, other local websites will feel enticed to link to your site within their content.

When your landing pages are set up correctly, they will provide the user with a seamless experience. Easy navigation, relevant information, clear calls to action, and an enticing design can boost user engagement and improve your conversion rate.

Monitoring the performance of your landing pages along with all of the data help you understand how effective they are for local SEO. You’ll be able to monitor page traffic, conversion rates, and more so you can continuously optimize over time.

The Great Online and Local Landing Pages

At The Great Online, we can get your landing pages optimized for the right elements so interested customers convert. Check out what we look for when making your landing pages look absolutely stellar. 

Improve Your Local SEO

We understand that landing pages are a vital component in any local SEO action plan. By optimizing your landing pages for local search, you'll grow your customer base around your area and improve local search ranking for your business.

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Receive Landing Page Local Optimization

Ready to optimize your landing pages for your unique locations’ needs? See just how powerful a cutting-edge, fully optimized landing page can be for your local traffic and local revenue. Let’s get in touch and make a plan so your customers flow through the funnel and you get more conversions!

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