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SEO Consulting

The Great Online—Where SEO Consulting Meets Total Bossness

SEO consultants have a big job: to get you noticed. And our team LOVES to get you noticed. We work hard and smart to get you to the very top of the search engine result pages, utilizing the best tactics in organic SEO. While we can’t claim to make you number one (at least not overnight), we will devote our time, energy, and skillset to making sure you’re seen, giving you the ROI you long for. We’ll do this through a variety of website optimizations, content marketing and social media—and we’ll be teaching you all about it along the way.

What we do for you

You will get the ultimate in SEO strategies that will bring you the target customer you desire, turning your website traffic into conversions. We offer a symbiotic approach to beautifully and smartly written copy while keeping your brand and voice at the forefront. All the while making you relatable and credible—you already know you are, but we’ll let your target know, too.

We all want that coveted first page slot, and through organic SEO, strong website design, and digital marketing, we will get you the tangible results you so deserve.

How we do it

Website Audits: First and foremost we get to know all that’s currently working for you—and all that isn’t. After this assessment we give you the details you need in order to correct all the negatives. Once the negatives are removed, we work on bringing in all of those things that have been working for you and combine those things with our new suggestions and approach, while staying true to who you are as a company.

Discovery, Strategy, and Competitive Research: Not only do we get to know and understand what exactly you want and who exactly you are, but we find out all the dirt on your competitors, too. In doing so, we will have the know-how to best strategize, maximizing your online presence and getting you those new leads.

Knowing Your Keywords: We review all the reports that dictate the best words and phrases for your company’s success and apply them accordingly through all channels from website, blog, social media, and more. Once you get the correct keywords and phrases in tact, the organic traffic will start coming.

Site Mapping: We find out the keywords or phrases that best fit specific content that will enhance all of your content needs. Search engines and other crawlers that are looking at sites for relevance and credibility will find those things while crawling your pages through our site map upkeep.

Content Marketing: We create content that will speak to your target audience remembering that it’s not only copy that will get you on top, but we will also provide help and insight with videos, live feeds, newsletters, infographics, and so much more. Each piece being targeting accordingly.

On-Page Optimization: We continually optimize your content by representing your keywords (using meta titles and meta descriptions) and provide advice to better your content. Our hands-on and on-going approach keeps you up-to-date, making any edits as needed.

Link Building: We will expand your link building efforts with only the best-of-the-best sites. We make sure you’re linked with top-notch and credible sites that offer YOU the brand awareness you hope to achieve and giving you another way to get noticed.

WordPress Optimizing: Through theme, plugins, and configurations, we help reconstruct your WordPress site so it supports your SEO.

Technical and Local SEO: We identify and fix technical issues on an ongoing basis, and if you need local SEO we provide plugin and social media optimization keeping your content localized for better traffic by the users you want to see you.

Website Design: Whether you need minor tweaks or major overhauls, when we get done your website will support all your new and amazing SEO.

Support: You receive consistent and continuous support, advice, and education. We are there for our clients ‘round the clock and pride ourselves on timely and thorough follow through. If you have questions, we have answers. We are experts at this after all.

Together, let’s get you to the top. Contact our band of digital advertising junkies and we’ll make a plan.