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Google Advertising

The quickest and most customizable way to get your website on Page 1 of the search results.

Whether you are new to running PPC ads or have complex Google and Bing campaigns running, we can help.  The Great Online is a “Google Premier Partner”, an honor not many advertising agencies are awarded.  We are PPC professionals who will take great care when building and managing your Adwords or Bing campaigns.   We are well-versed in all aspects of PPC management including Search, Display, Re-marketing and YouTube campaigns.  Let’s talk about how we can build and/or optimize your existing campaigns to drive more qualified customers to your website or landing page.


    For any of our new PPC clients, we will schedule a Discovery call to talk through your goals and previous experience with Adwords.  We will also provide you with a New Client Questionnaire which will help us craft your PPC campaign based on your advertising objectives, geo-targeting, desired client profile and current competitors in your space.  We are experts in Search, Display, YouTube & Remarketing campaigns and will strategize with on the best strategy to maximize your ad spend. We manage both Adwords and Bing campaigns and depending on your industry, we will talk through the best platform to use.  Generally, we suggest maxing out Google’s Adwords platform before moving into Bing Ads. One important question to ask any digital marketing agency is this: “Do I own my account?”. With “The Great Online”, that question is always “YES!”. We see your Adwords or Bing account as an asset to your company, it is your “bus”, we are just driving it.

  • If Google does one thing exceptionally well, it is spending their advertisers’ dollars.  98% of Google’s revenues come through their paid advertising channel on Google Search, Display & YouTube networks.  If you aren’t careful, your advertising budget will be spent and you won’t have much to show for it. This is where we come into play.  With years and years of experience building and managing Adwords campaigns, we know how to stretch your budget and get the most clicks and impressions for the money. In our free 10 point PPC analysis, we will show you where clicks are most likely being wasted and how to stretch those ad dollars to drive more conversions for the same amount of money.

  • If Adwords offers the option, we offer the management.  We can create, build and manage all Search, Display and Remarketing campaigns on the Google or Bing platform.  If you are unsure of what the best option would be for your business, give us a call.  We would be happy to walk through the different advertising options and which may benefit you the most.

  • Have you ever considered using YouTube as an advertising platform?  It can be a great option for branding and/or the right product or service.  Many people that we talk to don’t consider this option because they believe creating a short video advertisement will be too costly.  In reality, the cost of creating a short video isn’t as expensive as you might think.  Give us a call and we can talk about Google’s new scriptwriting and video production option.

  • The Great Online not only provides a monthly performance report on your most important PPC metrics, we also provide a monthly recommendations report.  Our recommendation report details changes we propose making in your account.  Many of these recommendations include adding converted keywords, new negative keywords to reduce irrelevant ad clicks, testing new ad copy to improve “click through rates”, device and location bid adjustments and much more.  We provide these recommendation reports to you because we like your feedback.  You know your business better than anyone and teamed with our PPC expertise, we can make your campaigns as efficient profitable as possible.

  • Without a doubt, Google Adwords is one of the best ways to drive brand visibility and qualified leads to your business.  Because of the success of the Adwords platform and the sheer number of advertisers in the space, there any many digital marketing agencies that would like to manage your Adwords and/or Bing campaigns.  So who can you trust to actually manage your campaign, follow Google’s “best practices” and not just set your campaign on autopilot?

    We Know The Platform

    Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t rocket scientists at The Great Online, but the Adwords platform is fairly complex.  Because Google is always on the cutting edge, they love changing things up. We manage PPC accounts day in and day out, and it takes that much experience to keep up with all of their changes.  To successfully manage an Adwords Campaign, you need to know the capabilities and the “ins & outs” of Adwords. Google is great at spending your ad dollars, we are here to protect your investment and get you the best return on ad spend as possible.

    We Are a Google “Premier” Partner

    One way that Google differentiates PPC agencies is through the Google Certification process.   There are two levels of Certification, 1. Google Partner and 2. Google Premier Partner. The Great Online has been certified as a Google Premier Partner.  We have Google’s seal of approval and are constantly held to specific guidelines such as having multiple agents certified in Google Adwords, continuously meeting Google’s standards through client growth, managing certain spend levels and low client attrition.  Every year we are invited to Google’s Partner conference either in Mountain View, CA to participate in training sessions and to hear our views on how Google can improve its processes and Adwords platform. We work directly with Google and are also assigned dedicated Google Reps who help us troubleshoot accounts as well as whitelist clients for Google’s BETA opportunities.

  • Sure thing, not a problem. If you are new to advertising on Google or Bing we can create a new account for you.  Many times, we will have Google coupons that will give $100 in free ad spend when you spend your first $25.  After our initial Discovery call and using the information from the New Client Questionnaire, we will start to build your campaign(s).  We will send you an Excel Spreadsheet of your campaign build including the keywords, negative keywords and ad copy.  Once you review the campaign build and give us any feedback, we will then load the campaign into your account and launch.  You will always “own” and have access to your Adwords account in case you would like to monitor performance, we are 100% transparent.

  • Great!  The best way for us to review your existing Adwords or Bing account is to link to your account.  To do this, you just need to provide us with your 10 digit Customer ID found in the upper right-hand corner of your Adwords account (show screenshot).   If it isn’t possible to link to your account, you can either provide us with your Adwords/Bing login or create a new “Read Only” login for us to use. Once we review your account we will provide you with recommendations to improve performance.  Depending on the structure and quality of the current campaign(s), we may be able to continue to use your campaign structure or we may suggest an account refactor to follow Google Adwords best practices.  

Let's Chat

Give us a call (303 – 928 – 1902) or fill out the contact form and let’s have a discussion about whether Advertising on Google is a good fit for your business.