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Search Engine Optimization

You can be certain about one thing, Google is extremely focused on providing their searchers the best experience and most relevant search results possible.  

At The Great Online, we implement SEO strategies to help Google understand that your website IS the most relevant search result for your most important keywords.  To do this, we first audit your website and current keyword ranking.  After we know “where you stand” in Google’s search results, our team of SEO, Content Writers, and Designers collaborate to develop a proper and lasting SEO strategy that will increase your keyword rankings and drive more qualified customers to your website.

  • A website audit is an essential element to the success of your SEO campaign. Our team not only audits your website for speed, potential penalties, and coding issues, but we also delve into SEO issues (meta titles, keywords, image optimization) and technical compliance (404’s, Sitemaps, 301’s, WWW Resolve, Robots.txt).  A “Competitor” audit is also conducted to understand your online competition, how they are using SEO techniques and how you compare to your competitors.

  • Keyword research identifies keywords that are highly relevant to your business, have high monthly search volume, and keywords that can be easily used within the context of your website.

    The goal of keyword research is to identify a primary list of keywords which will then be mapped to each of the pages on your site. Each page should have one primary keyword and up to two secondary keywords.

    We use a variety of methods to identify and choose the keywords to target:

    – “Seed List” of industry-specific keywords (provided by the client)
    – Current and historical web analytics reports
    – SEO Software tools
    – Google AdWords keyword tool
    – Competitor keyword research
    – Various search tools and manual search suggestions

  • On Page and Technical Optimization of a website focusses on the pages of your website for both SEO optimization and rewriting existing content to better allow Google (or other search engines) to better understand your topic at hand. Our SEO team will optimize all targeted web pages with their targeted keyword phrases.

    Examples of On Page Optimization:

    Meta Tag Optimization – Examine keyword map and optimize high-level SEO variables  (URL, Page Titles, Descriptions, & Headings).

    Body Copy Optimization – Theme each targeted web page’s body copy with the selected keywords.

    Internal Linking – Provide internal links to relevant website pages.

    Image Optimization – Optimize all available images through the “ALT” attribute.

    User Experience – Review web pages and content for usability and quality.

    CTAs – Provide a “Call to Action” for each web page.

  • Our “Traffic Builder” program, or “ongoing SEO” is the engine that continually brings new traffic to your website.  Each “Traffic Builder” program starts out with a Discovery call to determine what has previously been done from an SEO perspective, where your important keywords currently rank and developing a strategy to increase organic ranking for your relevant keywords.  Depending on the need, budget and strategy, this program may include content writing, PR Releases, monthly keyword optimization and strategizing on how to develop quality links to relevant news outlets and websites in your industry.

  • Occasionally, the existing content on a website is just not enough to reach the website owners SEO goals.  If this happens to be the case, you are in good hands.  We can help you create compelling and relevant content that flows with your existing content and company brand.  This additional content and/or web pages will help drive additional traffic and help you meet your SEO goals.

  • Looking for customers in your local area?  We can help.  More and more searchers, especially when searching on their phone, are specifically looking for locally based businesses.  Our Local SEO program will improve your local reach and help drive traffic from those searching for your product or service based on their geographical location.

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