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Traffic Building

Traffic Building That Gets You Found

As far as digital marketing is concerned, the most important thing is getting seen—how can you land a customer if the customer can’t find you? This is why traffic building is so crucial, and although it can be a big job for the average joe, we happen to crush it at The Great Online.

What we do for you

After an extensive conversation with you we will understand your brand and voice and who your target audience is. Then we target them. After determining a few factors, such as your past website users, who’s been searching keywords relatable to yours, and who’s browsing similar content; we’ll create a strategic plan of action to get you all the traffic from all the people.

How we do it

Is getting you traffic an art? Yes. Is it a science? Yes. Is it a simple task? That’s a loaded question. While we know how to get you the traffic you want from the people you want, it’s not an overnight campaign. It will take some elbow grease. Below are a few of the ways we get you in front of your masses.

Search Engine Optimization: Content driven link building and SEO best practices are the name of the game. Our team has over 30 years of SEO success stories between us.

Search Engine Marketing: A savvy pay-per-click campaign will get your name in front of the faces that need to see you.

Online Ads: We create stand-out ads for paid search engine placements, social media, and display network advertising. Following all the best rules regarding online ads, we help create winning campaigns that speak to your brand.

Local Biz Ads: If your business is for locals only—we will optimize accordingly, both through backend filters and local on-page SEO setup. This is done with your ads, as well as throughout your website.

Content Marketing: Blogging is a big yes. Not only does it provide more content, which Google likes and allows you to get your keywords out there, but it also contributes to credibility. Becoming a go-to source in your industry will get you a following that will turn to conversions.

Social Media Marketing: A job within itself, social media plays a pivotal role in your business. You’re on it anyway, let it do some work for you. Getting shared, upvoted, liked will introduce you to whole new audience.

We have many more tricks up our sleeve when it comes to traffic building. Stop by for a consultation and we’ll help get you some business.

Together, let’s get you to the top. Contact our band of digital advertising junkies and we’ll make a plan.