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YouTube Video Optimization

Your YouTube Video Optimization Just Got Smarter

You may think that once you have your ingenious, gorgeous, should-win-an-Oscar video made your work is done; however, depending on the views you want, that’s not usually the case. So instead of sitting back and hoping for those views, take a proactive approach and you’re gonna go places. Let us help you design the right strategy for your YouTube video optimization.

What we do for you

Although we’re all pretty techy over here, we love to get personal, too. So we want to get to know you, figure you out, and learn about your goals. After doing so we will know what we need to do to get you the views from the people that matter.

How we do it

YouTube video optimization can differ by case, but you should look at it in the same way you view any SEO campaign.

Keywords: We dive deep into what people are searching for around your topic in order to get you the keywords and phrases to best suit your needs.

Masterful Titles: Once we know those keywords, we create magic with titles that will give you the boost you need to be seen.

Descriptions: We write your descriptions using the best practices and keeping in mind your brand, goals, and voice.

Tags: We create keywords that serve your video and make it easier for you to be discovered.

Categorize: We find the perfect category for your video adding to the ease of discovery.

Thumbnails: Often an oversight, your thumbnail can really drive an audience—we help create one that makes a statement.

The Great Online team is always eager to watch more videos. Especially any videos with dogs in them. Stop in for a consultation and we can see what we can do.

Together, let’s get you to the top. Contact our band of digital advertising junkies and we’ll make a plan.