Reviews are Important for Local SEO

Reviews Can Lead to Revenue

Optimized landing pages can be a game changer for local SEO success.

Have you ever made a decision to purchase a product or give a store your business based off their reviews? It’s not surprising if you have! Reviews matter significantly for a business, and they can have a substantial impact on local SEO. Reviews can give your business a strong sense of authority if customers are satisfied with their interaction with your business. As you gain more reviews, search engines will pick up on queries mentioned in your customers’ reviews and can place you higher in search results for those queries. Harnessing the power of reviews is a great way to improve your local SEO and grow your local customer base.

Why Do Reviews Matter for My Business?

Reviews are a big factor in how potential customers initially view a business! They want to see what other customers think about their experiences and might use that to determine if they want to interact with that business. Search engine's algorithms also use reviews as one measure to determine if a business appears in a search result. 

When a potential customer sees positive reviews, it builds trust between the customer and business. If they see other people had a positive experience with your business, they may feel more inclined to trust your products and services. Reviews can act as a social proof, showing potential customers that past customers were satisfied with their experience, making it more likely this new potential customer will too.

Monitoring and responding to your business’s online reviews is a great way to manage your company’s reputation. Addressing customer concerns and negative feedback can turn a negative review into a positive experience. This also shows potential clients you care about their experience and take customer service seriously. 

Have you ever decided to purchase a product because it had many positivce reviews? Or the opposite, were you interested in a service but negative reviews guided you away from the service? You’re not the only one! Your own potential consumers rely on reviews when making purchase decisions. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality, pricing, and customer service of a business. 

You want to do better than your competitors and come out on top right? Having more positive reviews can give your business a competitive advantage within your industry. If you have a stronger review history than your competitor with negative reviews or a limited review history, that potential customer is mote likely to choose you!

How Can Reviews Boost Local SEO?

Reviews are crucial for boosting your local SEO! Reviews are crowd sourced entity data and a weighted factor in Google’s local algorithm. So, if a business has an ideal review score, not only will Google consider choosing that business to appear in local search results, potential customers nearby will be more likely to interact with that business!

Search engines use reviews as a ranking signal and as your business collects more legitimate, genuine, and positive reviews the chances that search engines will place your website higher in search results for local queries are higher. Plus, reviews can contain keywords related to your business, services, and products, which search engine crawlers pick up on. This contributes to your local SEO and can help you rank for queries that include keywords customers use. As your website appears higher in search results, the more visible your business becomes to potential customers, leading to higher success overall. 

When potential customers see how many positive reviews your business has and they see how engaging you are with those reviews, they are more likely to click through to your website! More clicks leads to improved CTR, higher rankings, and increased traffic to your website.

When you engage with the reviews customers leave for your business, you’re demonstrating your commitment to customer service and connection to your customers. This can indirectly improve your SEO because you’re actively working on improving user engagement and trust in your business, providing you with stronger online authority.

When you have strong reviews on your profile, Google may be more inclined to show your Google Business Profile in local map listings like Google Maps. This leads to more physical visits and conversions from customers. 

Google Business Profile Review Management

Asking customers for reviews can be awkward and building your review score can feel daunting… We totally get it! The Great Online has the experience and confidence to help your business increase your positive reviews and customer engagement. Responding to positive and even negative reviews is a great way to make your business look authentic and customer-focused. Instead of focusing your energy on replying to all of your reviews, our team of customer engagement experts can take that over for you. We’ll help with review maintenance and analyzation so that your customers are taken care of, new customers are more inclined to leave a review, and your business shines.

Let Your Business Shine

Like we said before, reviews are a vital component for the success of your local SEO. Let's get in touch to make your business look even better with the power of reviews.

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