Why Use Google Ads?

Why Choose Google Ads to Promote Your Business? 

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that helps businesses create and manage their ad campaigns so they can reach their target audience within Google’s impressive network. If you’re a business looking to find new customers, investing in a Google Ads campaign may be all you need to get the job done. 

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution that allows the advertiser to bid on their chosen keywords for a chance to show their ad in the Google search results. You only pay for your ad when a user clicks it to get to your website or makes a call to your business. 

Google Ads can appear on websites and platforms, including:

  • Above or below the search results on Google Search (the results pages)
  • Beside, above, or below search results on Google Play
  • In the Shopping tab
  • In Google Maps, including the Maps app 
  • The Google Display Network, a group of over two million websites
  • YouTube
  • Gmail

Because of Google’s wide reach, Google Ads are one of the world’s most popular and widely used advertising platforms. This article details how your company can benefit from a Google Ads campaign. 

The Google Ads Basics

Google Advertising allows the advertiser to create ads that target their intended audience based on search intent (the keywords used) and demographics, including age, gender, income, location, and family status.

Google Ads offers several ad types. The most common is text-only advertising, which shows up on the search engine results pages after a user types in a query. 

These types of ads appear above the organic (non-paid) results. They rely on keywords that signal to Google that the ad will give the user what they’re looking for. The keywords are also paid for by the advertiser; typically, the advertiser who pays more will be chosen as the result. 

Another popular Google Ads format is Google Display ads, which allow for imagery and appear as a banner ad within the Google Display Network (their network of websites), and Google shopping ads, which show an image of a product in the search results.

Calculating an ad spend budget for Google Ads

To calculate your spending budget for your Google Ads campaign, multiply the goal number of monthly clicks by $2.69. This gives you your monthly budget. For example, if you hope to see 300 clicks, you’ll spend about $807.

Below are four Google Ads mistakes that can drain your ad spend:

  • Inaccurately tracking conversions 
  • Ignoring keyword variants 
  • Not optimizing the geo-targeting setting (using the default settings)
  • Creating landing pages that don’t match the ad 

What Google Ads Can Do For You

Using Google Ads for your business can be a valuable marketing strategy for several reasons; below are some benefits of creating an effective Google Advertising campaign. 

Attracting intent

Google Ads get your ads in front of the users searching for the keywords relevant to your business. Those who click on Google search ads generally intend to take an action, such as learning more or making a purchase. 

Targeted advertising

Google Ads helps you target your ads to your audience based on factors such as location, demographics, keywords, and interests. This means your ads are more likely to reach people who are interested in what your business does.

Immediate results

Many digital marketing strategies take time to generate results; however, once your Google Ads campaign is live, it can start driving traffic to your website or generating leads almost immediately.

Cost control

You have complete control over your advertising budget. Simply set a daily or monthly budget that fits your financial limits, and you’ll only pay when a user clicks on your ad, allowing for controlled budget management.

Measurable results

Google Ads provides detailed data, analytics, and reporting tools that allow you to track the performance of your campaigns. You can see which keywords and ads are driving the most clicks and conversions, enabling you to optimize your strategy for better results.


You can easily adjust and fine-tune your ads whenever you’d like in real time, so if you see that a particular keyword or ad isn’t performing well, you can make changes to improve its effectiveness.

Brand exposure

Google Ads can increase brand exposure by placing your business at the top of the search results (before the organic results on page 1) or on websites in the Google Display Network. Even if users don’t click on your ad, they still see your business name and message, giving you more visibility and brand recognition. 

Local advertising

If you have a local business, Google Ads allows you to target users in your specific geographic area, making it an effective tool for attracting a local following and customer base.


Google Ads offers remarketing campaigns, allowing you to show ads to users who have previously visited your website but didn’t purchase. This can bring back potential customers needing an extra nudge to convert.

Ad extensions

Google Ads allows you to add extensions to your ads, such as location extensions, callout extensions, and site link extensions. These extensions provide additional information and opportunities for users to engage with your business.

Global reach

If you have a global audience, Google Ads can help you reach potential customers worldwide, and you can even target specific countries or regions.

Working with The Great Online for PPC

All these benefits mean that no matter who your target audience is or where they are, you will likely reach them with a Google Ads campaign. Google is the most used search engine, with over 40,000 search queries every second, giving your ads an excellent opportunity to be seen by millions. And with display ads popping up on the Google Display Network, you’re maximizing the probability of reaching your ideal customers.

Google Ads offers a targeted and measurable advertising platform that can drive immediate results for your business. When used effectively, it can provide a strong return on investment and help you reach your marketing goals. 

If this sounds great to you, but you don’t have the time to plan out a Google Ads strategy, we’re ready to help plan and manage your campaigns so you can get incredible results.

Contact The Great Online and get the attention you deserve from our SEO and PPC specialists, who are committed to your successful Google Ads campaign. 

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