Why Use Facebook Ads?

The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads for Your Business 

Paying for Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, get website traffic, get your brand noticed, and make quick sales. In fact, over 3 million companies choose to advertise their business on Facebook. With its massive user base, Facebook helps easily get brands in front of their target audience. 

This post covers 13 benefits of using Facebook Advertising to grow your business and nurture relationships with your audience. 

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Advertising involves highly targeted social ads that will be shown on all the Meta-owned channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. The ad design leaves lots of room for creativity, using images and videos that will appear within feeds, Stories, and Reels. 

The paid-for ads on Facebook look similar to any other post but will show the word “Sponsored” just under the profile name, signaling to users that it’s an advertisement. 

Businesses can create their ad campaign using two models:

  • A PPC model (pay-per-click): when a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a fee
  • A PPM model (pay-per-impression): where advertisers pay a rate for every 1,000 ads shown, whether the ad is clicked or not

Both models work well when the ads are optimized correctly, and a PPM campaign is a highly effective way to garner brand awareness based on visibility. 

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Brand

Facebook Advertising provides several significant advantages to businesses of all sizes across all industries. Below are some of the best reasons to choose to advertise on Facebook and the Meta channels:

Phenomenal reach

Facebook has three billion active users per month, and that number continues to grow. This gives your business a significant and diverse audience across all the Meta platforms. 

Advanced targeting

When you create ads on Facebook, you have targeting options that help you find your audience. These options can be based on a number of factors, including age, gender, income, location, and more, as well as user behavior and interests, such as other clicked ads, friends, pets, life events, and the pages they interact with.  

Precision targeting helps you get your ads in front of the people who will take action. 

Creative and stimulating ad creation 

Facebook Ads allow you to create unique and memorable ads using imagery that represents your brand and connects with your target audience. Using images and videos will enable you to be visually appealing, prompting users to click. 

Cost-effective ads

When you create effective Facebook Ads, you control the budget by monitoring spending in real-time. This allows you to be flexible with optimizing your ad campaign to secure your ROI. 

Ad formatting options 

You have several ad formats to choose from, with Facebook offering formats such as image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and others. Once you know who your audience is and how they best engage with your ads, you can create a campaign that meets their needs and inspires clicks that take action. 

Engaging ads that nurture interaction

Brand awareness combines seamlessly with social media. Facebook advertising encourages engagement with your users. Your audience has the ability to like, share, and comment on your ads, which helps make your brand more visible, mimicking word-of-mouth marketing. 

Pro tip: Answer your comments, especially any negative ones; this shows users you take an interest in what your audience is saying and will remedy issues. 

Excellent analytics

As with any kind of marketing, knowing your data is vital to your success and your ROI. You need to know how your ads are performing and how your audience reacts to them to continuously refine your campaign. 

Facebook provides detailed and comprehensive analytics into ad performance, metric tracking, conversion rates, returns on ad spend, and more. 

Retargeting option 

Reconnecting with users who have interacted with your ads previously can help with reengagement, reminding audiences of your brand and giving them another chance to convert. 

Simplified mobile advertising 

Over 81% of Facebook users only use their mobile devices to access the website, making Facebook Ads well-suited for reaching billions of people on their smartphones and tablets. Unsurprisingly, Facebook makes it incredibly easy for advertisers to create ads optimized for smaller screens. 

Easy local advertising 

Those with a physical location or businesses that only work in a specific geographic location can create ads targeted to the areas they want to work with. This is incredibly useful for smaller businesses that want to attract local customers, clients, patients, etc. 

A/B testing available

Creating variations of your ads provides valuable feedback regarding ad performance and what your users gravitate towards. Running A/B tests gives you data to help you refine your ad strategies, including creative elements and wording, so you can create the optimal ad for your audience. 

Customized objectives 

Whether you’re looking to expand your brand awareness, want improved lead generation, hope to get new users to your website, or anything else, Facebook has options that allow you to tailor your ads to meet your objectives. 

Ads on Instagram

Because Facebook and Instagram are under the same parent company, your Facebook Ads will integrate with Instagram easily. Running your campaign on both platforms through the same ad manager simplifies the process and extends your reach to a broader audience.

Working with The Great Online for a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Advertising can be instrumental in your company’s success; however, it’s important to approach a Facebook Ads campaign with a well-laid plan. Knowing your audience and goals is essential so you can create the content that gets clicked. 

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook Ads or want to enlist the help of digital marketing professionals, The Great Online is prepared to give you the support you need. We understand the importance of optimizing and monitoring ads and the significance of this ever-changing arena. 
Contact The Great Online and get the attention you deserve from our SEO and PPC specialists, who know how to get results. 

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