The Rules of Link Building

In order to have an excellent SEO campaign, you need a few things that Google loves (other than stellar copy and keywords) and one of those things is excellent link building.  However, through working with our clients, we’ve realized that a lot of businesses don’t really understand much about link building.   To help with that …

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Your Keyword Research Basics

When creating your SEO strategy, you won’t get very far without knowing and enforcing a bunch of keyword know-how.   Using the correct keywords for your brand tells both your audience and the search engines who you are and what you’re all about, ie what you’re selling or offering.  So, it’s incredibly important that you choose …

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How Schema Markup Helps Your SEO

You’ve probably heard of it and maybe you thought you’d put it on the backburner and look into it later, but schema markup is something you need to jump on right now.  So, go ahead and front-burner that baby. It’s a fact, schema markup one right can only help your SEO (search engine optimization) campaign.  …

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SEO and Your Startup

If you’re a startup, you’ve already got your hands full. Don’t let your website give you a tension headache. Once you understand how SEO works within your website, you and your startup will be well on your way to bringing in your target audience, gaining some quality customers, and getting a higher ranking on the …

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Technical SEO and Content Marketing: Living in Harmony- PART 1 of 2

Companies wanting to benefit from the online market have loads of questions and loads of things to take into consideration. Just one part of that, albeit a really important part, is their website content. Understanding technical SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing and their roles in your success, will help get you what you …

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