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PPC Platforms: A Guide for Your Business & ROI

Whether you own a business or not, if you spend any time on Facebook or Google, you’ve likely come across an ad or two. And those ads are likely highly curated to be ads based on you and the things you’re interested in. 

If you’re a business owner, consider how these PPC ads benefit you as a consumer, and then imagine how they can benefit your business. By targeting your audience, Facebook Ads and Google Ads generate millions of clicks, visitors to a website, customers, clients, and dollars every year. 

But do you need to pay for advertising on both platforms? This post covers whether you should choose a PPC campaign with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or both. 

Differences Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Before deciding whether your business would benefit more from Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you need to know what each offers. 

Advertising Your Business with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads uses highly targeted ad placement that shows up on all the Meta-operated channels, including Facebook and Instagram. Another reason why you should use Facebook Ads is because the ads are visually stimulating and include images, videos, and carousels within a user’s feed, Reels, and Stories. 

When you pay for Facebook Ads, you can show your ads on Facebook and Instagram, two of the most prominent social networks, especially for shopping or finding resources to work with or purchase from.

Facebook Ads pros include:

  • With nearly 3 billion users within the Meta universe, your audience will find you
  • You can precisely target your audience, narrowing who sees your ads effectively
  • Traffic is driven to your website from vast channels
  • You get an abundance of brand awareness
  • Boots SEO campaigns that can help you rank higher on Google
  • Facebook Ads are affordable
  • They can drive e-commerce sales 
  • You get various easy-to-choose and use options and formats to create your ad
  • Facebook Ads encourage engagement  

Facebook Ads cons include:

  • If not set up right, you’ll target the wrong audience and get dead-end clicks 
  • Ads can look spammy
  • Too many ads can become a nuisance and put off your audience 

Advertising Your Business with Google Ads

Google Ads are also highly targeted ads that you pay for when clicked. They can be found in Google search results, Gmail, YouTube, and on over two million websites (called the Google Display Network). One primary reason of why you should use Google Ads is because Google is the most popular search engine in the world with over 8.5 billion searches per day, and provides unparalleled reach.

Google Ads pros include:

  • There are several options for format
  • Google Ads offers a wide range of targeting solutions
  • They account for the user’s intent and where they are in the sales funnel
  • Works within budget when optimized correctly
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Drives sales

Google Ads cons include:

  • Newer to the ad industry than Facebook Ads
  • It can get expensive if clicks don’t get the sale
  • The ads are text-based, leaving them less creative or visually appealing 

Should I Choose Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Choosing whether to use Facebook Ads or Google Ads needs some thoughtful consideration. 

You want to think about:

  • Your audience and where they are online
  • Your company or industry and where they are online
  • Your budget
  • Your goals
  • Your competition 

Because Google Ads generally lend to sales and Facebook Ads generally provide brand awareness and relationship-building with your audience, put thought into what makes the most sense for your objectives. 

Other things to consider:

  • Both platforms offer enormous reach, but Google is by far the leader, with billions of searches per minute
  • Optimized demographic targeting is essential to your success on each platform; Google relies on keywords, while Facebook can optimize using both keywords and user data 
  • Formatting ads correctly for your audience plays a pivotal role in clicks; both platforms offer several options; Google Ads are mostly text (all text in some cases), and Facebook Ads can be much more creative with a heavy reliance on imagery 

Working with PPC Management Professionals

If you were wondering which is better, Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you should have your answer now. Both offer many benefits to your bottom line. Google Ads may drive sales faster, but Facebook Ads can help you get and keep customers for the long haul. 

Choosing what platform aligns best with your audience and goals is key. If you’re still a bit confused or don’t have the bandwidth to create and run a Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaign, The Great Online comprises a digital advertising team that can help determine where your ads should go and skyrocket your campaigns. 

Contact us today,  and let’s see how we can help your company thrive. 

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